The HTML Tutorial

Welcome to Dadari.Com's HTML* tutorial... Here I will explain the basics of HTML that will come in handy at times =]
As time progresses, I will add more..... Enjoy!
If you need me to add a specific html code here, just let me know. ;)

*HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language.

You Must have these tags on a page:

And After everything on your page, you need this to close it:

Here is an example of a very basic code that a basic HTML document needs to have:

NEW! How to redirect people from one page to another page:(Place this code in the "head" section.)

Italics Text

Bold Text

Underlined Text

  • A Bullet

    An ENTER space

    A Line Break

    Red Font

    Blue Font

    Centered Text

    To Put an Image on a Page

    To change the background colour to a colour of your choice

    Make a Link

    Change the Font Size of your text

    Change font of your text

    Put a Flash Animation on your Web Page:

    Make a link using an Image:

    Make Moving Text:

    Code to use for Heli Attack 2/3 on your Web Page:

    Make an Image into your background:


    What program(s) can I use to make HTML?
    There are many programs to use. If you have Windows, then you get Notepad, which is free. Others will require you to buy software, such as Adobe Dreamweaver CS6. If you are looking for a free alternative, try Notepad Plus. There are hundreds of other applications, so just do some research and see which one fits your needs best!

    Why won't my link work although I did it right as it was in this tutorial?
    You need to have the http://www. in your link.

    Does it matter if my commands are in CAPS?
    It would be best to keep them in all lowercase.

    Can I link to a different part on the same page?
    Yes you can.... I will add that later on to this page.

    When I open up my document with my HTML in it, I don't see a web page; All I see is my HTML that I entered in.
    Chances are that you saved your document as a ".txt" file instead of a ".htm" or a ".html" file.

    Are there any other extensions besides ".html?"
    Yes, there are. Each extension is used for a different purpose.... In your situation, the ".htm" and ".html" extensions would be most suitable.

    Can I use an Image on my computer on my web page?
    Yes you can; But only you will be able to see it... If you want everyone in the world to see it, then you need image hosting. =]

    Do I need to have quotation marks (") in my HTML code?
    Now a days its better to have it.... I don't think it really matters, but put it there to be on the safe side.

    What are some good and free image hosting places>
    From what I have seen, Photobucket.Com is one of the best places to get image hosting, but you have to sign up for an account. ImageShack.Us is another good place that doesn't require an account to use their hosting.

    What are some good webpage hosting sites?
    There are plenty out there such as Freewebs.Com and Awardspace.Com that offer free hosting.... The only down side is that most of them place ads on your webpage/website because it is free.... If you can afford paid hosting and have an idea of what kind of website you want to have, you should go and purchase a Domain Name and a hosting package from a company like GoDaddy.Com

    I still have a question that was not answered about HTML. Can you help me?
    Sure, just contact me and I'll do my best to answer your questions.