Hosting Review

These are reviews based on my shared hosting experience... If you would like to submit a review, please use the contact page.

Name: HostRocket.Com
Price: $4.95-$12.95/month (Based on how long you want the hosting)
Overall Performance: Excellent
Comments : HostRocket is a very good and reliable web host with lots of advantages. Their uptime is 99.9% (not sure). This is more for the advanced webmaster because they have a full cPanel along with Full FTP Access (such as /public_html), Fantastico, and many other features. HostRocket is very strict about spamming on their server and they will charge you real money if you do so. One of the things that I like about HostRocket is on their shared hosting plan, you get have 10 other domains hosted on there, plus an additional domain each month (so in one year, you can host 22 domains on one account). This may seem too good to be true, but its not: HostRocket gives Unlimited bandwidth limits along with 100GB of disk space. Some other features include unlimited e-mail addresses with unlimited storage each, Money-Back Guarantee, FrontPage Extensions, PHP and MySQL Support, 24/7 Live Help, MB Raid Protection, and more! If you would like to see their full details, click here to find out.

Name: FreePgs.Com
Price: $3-$30 Depending on Plan Chosen (One Time Fee)
Overall Performance: Unacceptable
Comments: If you are like "Whoa, only one time fee? Am I dreaming?" The answer is no. Those fees are accurate and are only a one time fee. I guess your hosting account goes away whenever they go broke :D Anyways, I had them for about a little over a month and it simply was terrible. It's not because of the 1.5 GB Disk space and 15GB Bandwidth/Day - It was just their little things that add up and make you not like the site. Lets say, you want a subdomain:, you would have to e-mail the admin and he would respond to you in 1-2 days or less depending on what time you e-mail him. You want to add a domain name to your account? Too bad, wait until the admin responds. You get unlimited MySQL Databases and you get a little more options than other hosts about configurations, but the thing that people hate most is the downtime. I had a MySQL database on FreePgs and it crashed and they were not able to recover any data. After a week or so, they brought the database up (but don't worry, they have other h osts to use). On a good week, I would have about 95% Uptime and on a bad week, a site would have hours of downtime. The FreePgs Admin says it is because their users (people who pay for plans) use up all of their server resources, which causes downtime. Recently, they have gotten strict about using resources as they will delete your account permanently. (FreePgs.Com is part of LVCS.Net, a website with a reseller plan from GoDaddy.)

Name: GoDaddy.Com
Price: $2.80-$14.99/Month (Depending on plan chosen and time limit chosen; There is also a free ad-supported website plan)
Overall Performance: Excellent
Comments: GoDaddy is an excellent choice for beginners and people who have more knowledge. If you buy a shared hosting package for 12 months and use 3 months, you contact GoDaddy and they refund you the 9 months you haven't used. No contracts! Their phone support is excellent as well. You can also e-mail them and expect a response within 24 hours (its much less than that around 3 hours wait average) and if you have trouble, they can help find you your help. The control panel is nice and simple, which is good. If you buy hosting from them, it's around 5 minutes wait for activation and less than a day (usually) to activate your changed DNS. You do not have to buy a GoDaddy domain to use their hosting, as you can use it from any domain. If you are getting hosting for the first time, this is the place to start.